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rhymes with "ouch!"

Top 20 Art, roughly chronological by era

Hieronymous Bosch "The Ship of Fools"
Pieter Brueghel, The Elder "The Tower of Babel"
The School of Fontainebleau "Gabrielle D'Estrees and her Sister at the Bath"
Jacques Louise David "The Death of Marat"
Rembrandt Van Rijn "The Slaughtered Ox"
Edgar Degas "Absinthe"
John Singer Sargent "The Daughters of Edward Darley Boit"
Willem De Kooning "Woman, I"
Jean Dubuffet "The Magician"
Jan Svankmajer "Punch and Judy (The Coffin House)"
Stephen Quay and Timothy Quay "Rehersals for Extinct Anatomies"
Verner Panton "Stacking S Chair"
Bill Viola "The Stopping Mind"
Ron B. Kitaj "If Not, Not"
Francis Bacon "Crucifixion" 1965
Lucian Freud "Naked Man"
Joel Peter Witkin "Birdwoman"
Odd Nerdrum "The Night Guard"
Matthew Barney "Cremaster 3"
Hussein Chalayan "Wooden Corset"

(PS: there are some non-narrative shorts, fashion and furniture in there. Let me know if those doesn't qualify so I can supply more traditional fine art pieces instead)
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