alazkaB (yourmom) wrote in theartyoucrew,

108 Heroes of the Suikoden - Kuniyoshi
Lotus - Zhang Daqian(Chang Da-chien)
36 views of Fuji - Hiroshige
Photos of Actions 1973-1976 postcard - Coum Transmissions
Aktion - Rudolf Schwarzkogler
Infinity Net - Yayoi Kusama
Vanitas: Flesh Dress for an Albino Anorectic - Jana Sterbak
At the Edge of Chaos - Bill Vorn
Talking Walls: Dialogue, Ingrid and Plato - Ingrid Bachmann
Taitlin at Home - Raoul Hausmann
Cut with the Kitchen Knife - Hannah Höch
Speeding Muscles - Umberto Boccioni
Resurrection Man - Frank Wu
Technology/Transformation: Wonder Woman - Dara Birnbaum
Interior Scroll - Carolee Schneeman
Dragon of the Clouds - Ozuma Kaname

honorable mention: Princess Di & her Grindcore Orchestra

if it has furries in it, i like it
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