Elegy (oral_defecation) wrote in theartyoucrew,

in no particular order

Ta Tele (the television)- Trigo Piula
Smile- Frank Duran
Guernica- Pablo Picasso
The Thankful Poor- Henry Tanner
Projection One- Eva Mueller
Untitled (inside poster for the Crass single “How Does it Feel to be the Mother of a Thousand Dead”)- Gee Vaucher
Saturn Devouring His Children- Francisco Goya
Spiral Jetty- Robert Smithson
Che Guevara- Andy Warhol
Anthony- Andrew Dunbar
Homer Simpson- Ron English
Cornered (installation)- Adrian Piper
Bomb Hugger- Banksy
Birth Machine- H. R. Giger
Pei Dormatories (Sarasota, FL)- I.M. Pei
Garden of Earthly Delights- Heironymus Bosch
Kiss- Alex Grey
The Migration of the Negro- Jacob Lawrence
Untitled (When I Hear the Word Culture, I Take Out My Checkbook)- Barabara Kruger
Figure With Blue Curtain- Elmer Bischoff
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