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I enter.

The Body of Abel Found by Adam and Eve - William Blake
Red Quadrate on Black - Kasimir Malevich
The Love Letter - Jean-Honore Fragonard
Marriage A-La-Mode (Series) - William Hogarth
Inferno - Peter Hoss
Narcissus - Caravaggio
Kaijin Besso (Costumes of) - Yoshitaka Amano
Arc de Triumph - Chalgrin
Saint Jerome Seated near a Pollard Willow - Albrecht Dürer
Blue, Grey, Blue - William Scott
Eros and Psyche - Luther Gerlach
I've Cleaned Out The Bank To Play Santa Claus - Freeman Elliot
Hermes With Infant Dionysos - Praxiteles
Don Quixote - Pablo Picasso
Homage To The Square - Josef Albers
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