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The Body of Abel Found by Adam and Eve - William Blake
Red Quadrate on Black - Kasimir Malevich
The Love Letter - Jean-Honore Fragonard
Marriage A-La-Mode (Series) - William Hogarth
Inferno - Peter Hoss
Narcissus - Caravaggio
Kaijin Besso (Costumes of) - Yoshitaka Amano
Arc de Triumph - Chalgrin
Saint Jerome Seated near a Pollard Willow - Albrecht Dürer
Blue, Grey, Blue - William Scott
Eros and Psyche - Luther Gerlach
I've Cleaned Out The Bank To Play Santa Claus - Freeman Elliot
Hermes With Infant Dionysos - Praxiteles
Don Quixote - Pablo Picasso
Homage To The Square - Josef Albers
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i don't quite know how i want to phrase this, so one of the two.
1. top five paintings in which a compositional grid is exploited or exposed
2. why squares
The essay question has a personal twist to it, so I'm going to choose the route of the fop and exploit the English language to bedazzle.

Why squares? Good question. Josef Albers was basically my starting point, my diving board, if you will, into the realm of the more abstract and conceptual. I was given a project at the end of my senior year in high school, and that was to replicate a piece of existing art to leave to the school for its decor. I was one of the 'art kids', and we were expected to dress the place up. Make it classy, I supposed to repay them for all the tempera paint they lavished us with.

I chose to create a 6x6 foot replica of Homage To The Square on large planks of wood. This is how I really came to gain respect for that which is not tangible. Sitting in the spring-turning-summer sun mixing colours endlessly to find the shades which fell into perfect balance with one another was meditative. In essence, I suppose I gained a personal connection to, and respect for, the effort and care that went into its precise creation by having created it myself. While this may seem like an emotional choice, I can credit Homage for broadening my respect for both the visceral and the non in general.

As for the Kasimir Malevich piece, it stands for the ideal and notion of Suprematism in my eyes. Art as a subjective experience. The square is a feeling. The blackness is a void beyond the feeling. It is a matter of the intricate and the lackluster for me. The ability to create emotion with such simplistic and geometric shapes is something I can respect, as an animator. Breathing life into the cold and motionless is art in itself.

I hope that answer explains thoroughly my squares.
your answer lacks sass

[ Insert AO-finger snap motions here ]
That's a good series by William Hogarth. We have some of his prints at the Drexel Museum...might go and see them this week.

Now you can comment on other people's applications, talk about art or art related topics...yay! Oh and be sure to tell any of your friends with good taste in art to apply.
Hurrah, I rejoice with trump and colours! That, and I hope to muster up some new applicants to get this place hopping. Researching new works I've naught been exposed to before is perhaps my main reason for seeking membership in the first place. Tally ho!