Jenny Wren (rock_wren) wrote in theartyoucrew,
Jenny Wren

here you applicant

In No Particular Order:

Jean Luc Mylayne # 37-38
Jason McLean Pennies in the Stream
Maurizio Catalan Pope felled By a Meteorite
Marcel Dzama untitled
Sally Mann Nosebleed
William Egglston William Eggleston's Guide
Ed Burtynsky Urban Querries
Stan Douglas Nut.ka
Robert Adams Dead Palms Partially Uprooted
Joeseh Beuys I love America and America loves Me
Egon Shiele Drawing Nude Before Mirror
Dan Graham Rock my Religion
Anselm Keifer The Secret Life of Plants
Chuck Close New Daguerrotypes
Francisco Goya Disasters of War
Diane Arbus Untitled (series from book untitled)
Derek Jarman Blue
Wolfgang Laib Milk Stone
Albrecht Durer Rhinocerus (1515)

EDIT: if mylayne and mclean are too obscure my alts are:

Richard Mirach Desert Cantos. (the fire, in particular)
Emily Carr Scorned of Earth, Beloved of Sky
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