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The Art You Crew engages in better art rating.

Rating your taste in art since 2004

The Art You Crew
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You've found the Art You Crew!

This is a rating community. We're going to be rating your taste in and knowledge of art.

What is Art?

Very touchy and we're not here to debate the philosophy and politics of that here. For our purposes: painting, drawing, digital media, video art, architecture, installation art, mixed media, photography, and sculpture all count. And if you come up with another category and can convince us that it's art, it's a go.

Series (like illuminated books of hours or photo series) count as one work.

Comic books/anime artbooks/graphic novels do NOT count at all.

So Here Is What You Do.
...Join the community, and immediately after post your top 10 to 20 favorite works of art by title (English, please) and artist. Any order works.
...Do not post anything but the title and artist. Do not post the image, do not post a link to the image-- we'll ask for that if we want it-- and don't include self-effacing comments with your list.
...After this you may comment only within your own entry until you are accepted. Or banned, in which case you have to stop commenting completely.
...Do not list yourself or your boyfriend or the guy who lives down the street. This is rating of established artists, not crappy amateurs. That B+ in intermediate photography does not make you an artist.
...The community members will give your list a Yes or a No. More yeses than no's and you're in. Too many no's and you shall be banned.
...But you can reapply once!
...If members need some convincing, they may pose a Top Five challenge, like "top five works by contemporary female artists" or "top five german expressionist paintings."
...The power to ban is the prerogative of the maintainer and may be exercised at will.
...If you get in, you get to participate in voting and do who-knows what else.

A few warnings... If your list is made up of Artcyclopedia's Most Popular Artists list, you're not going to make it. All-Pre-Raphaelite, All-the-time is going to be rejected. If it comes from deviantart.com, you're getting an auto-ban. A certain overhyped portrait by a certain fellow from Vinci is also an auto-ban. If you call Van Gogh an Impressionist, you're up shit creek without a paddle.

And once you're in you get to discuss art with the best of them. If you don't get in you obviously have no taste and should go out and purchase a Thomas Kinkade print from your nearest Wallmart. If you have have no Wallmarts at hand just be patient one is on the way soon.