Orthophonic (mcb78rpm) wrote in theartyoucrew,

Thomas Eakins - The Agnew Clinic
Artemesia Gentileschi - Judith and her Servant
Edward Gorey - The Gashlycrumb Tinies
Charles Dana Gibson - In the Leap Year series
James Abbott McNeill Whistler - Nocturne in Black and Gold (The Falling Rocket)
John Singer Sargent - Mr. & Mrs. Isaac Newton Phelps Stokes
Sir Henry Raeburn - The Drummond Children
Alvar Aalto - Villa Mairea
Josef Hoffman - Palais Stoclet
James Tissot - The Ball on Shipboard
William Powell Frith - The Railway Station
Thomas Cole - The Course of Empire
Dora Carrington - Farm at Watendlath
Childe Hassam - Boston Common at Twilight
Juan Miro - People at Night Guided by Phosphorescent Tracks and Snails
Maxfield Parrish - The Dream Garden (Tiffany Favril glass mosaic)
Cecilia Beaux - New England Woman
George Inness - The Lackawanna Valley
Theo van Doesburg - Space-Time Construction
George Howe & William Lescaze - Philadelphia Savings Fund Society
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