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Sol LeWitt

I hate Sol LeWitt, and everything he stands for. Too tired to go into it now, but will bitch later. He should curl up and die or something!
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i could see hating lewitt's philosophy earlier in his life, but i think he doens't even believe it now. he's pretty old though so he'll probably be curling up sometime soon or something.

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That room isnt nearly as evil as my current issue. That, at least, has some pretence of working with the neo-classical arcitecture as it stands. at the Wadsworths case, there taking a beautiful marble beaux artes staircase (the main staircase in the wing dontated by J. P. Morgan) and are painting the walls in very bright swirls of color. The room itself has very elaboritate mouldings, and a beautiful leaded glass skylight that is attributed to Tiffany. Its a very beautiful room, and for as long as I can remember hung with a set of 17th century tapestrys showing Jason and the Augernaughts (sic). I have a feeling that Morgan wouldn't be too amused by this, nor would he be too happy with the fact that his brick mansion, spanning half a city block, was gutted, and has a skyscraper coming out of the middle, and that the rest was converted into a faceless, if expensive hotel. The only concession to the original owner is the hotel resturant is named The Peirpoint, and its never open. The staff at the front desk has no idea that it was originally his mansion. Eh. History is wonderful, but sometime, ok, always, progress blows!